Vojtech Kopecky, VDE
Publicly certified expert of the Chamber of Trade of Aachen for Lightning Protection, avowed by the VdS as expert for the inspection of electrical plants Electrician Master, State-approved Technician Member of the BVS, GEMV, VSEH VDE, VDE/ABB, VDE/ETG-/ITG and regio-energie-gemeinschaft.


Main focus on activities:

  • Expert advice, design, examination of the design, LEMP-Protection-Management, LPMS-Management, site supervision, expert report, inspection and technical approval of lightning protections, lightning arresters, equipotential bonding, earthing constructions, equipotential bonding of lightning protections, equipotential bonding network, shielding protections and emc-professional electric installation.
  • Technical advice and evaluation after events of damage.
  • First and concluding risk analysis of LEMP protection.
  • Inspection of electrical appliances.

Metrological assessments:

Net analysis according to EN 50160 but also individual registration of surge modifier and harmonics interferences as well as other perturbances with power supply with data networks and other systems.
Give seminars with the following titles:

Professional installation of the outer and interior lightning protections.
EMC lightning and surge voltage protection of structural works.